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34 Quick Tips for a Successful SharePoint Migration Plan

Mar 12, 2019 | Office 365

Over recent years, more organisations are making the move to cloud repositories such as SharePoint Online, to enjoy the flexibility and security such repositories offer to an organisation. However the journey from your legacy repository to SharePoint can be challenging, time consuming and costly. To what degree depends on the system you’re migrating from, the amount of information, and the actions you’ll take to improve the quality of your content/files/information along the way. We’ve developed some quick tips to consider as part of your SharePoint migration plan.


Tips for Your SharePoint Migration Plan

The Initial Planning Phase

check-markGarner executive support for your SharePoint migration projectX markJust take a lift and shift approach with your content – assess your information architecture and consider ways to improve it
check-markSelect and design an Office 365 collaboration spaceX markTake a one-size-fits-all approach to your SharePoint migration plan
check-markMigrate teams one by one in a staggered approachX markAssume that everything should be migrated
check-markEliminate trivial, redundant and obsolete (ROT) information during the migration, clean up and organise contentX markUnderestimate the time and effort it takes to plan and execute a migration
check-markDesign site and information architecture in advance with input from usersX markTackle a migration project without extensive pre-planning and in-depth knowledge of the system you’re migrating to and from
check-markConsider hiring a content migration specialistX markAssume all metadata will be easily mapped. Consider how you’ll handle elements like versioning, renditions and annotations for example
  X markForget to incorporate change management and SharePoint training into your planning

After careful project planning, you’ll be ready begin the next stage of your SharePoint migration plan, which is the execution phase.

Executing Your SharePoint Migration Plan

check-markUnderstand metadata to be migrated and how it will fit into SharePointX markUnderestimate the amount of space needed
check-markSelect and become proficient with a migration tool, such as XillioX markUnderestimate the time needed to execute your SharePoint migration plan
check-markConduct a pre-check or test migration before undertaking the full migrationX markForget to have a plan B and back your files up in case the migration fails
check-markSet the migration window and follow throughX markForget to test and validate the data to reconcile migration counts
check-markAdd a collaboration space into the SharePoint navigationX markForget to report on the impact and results of the migration
check-markMake the source read-only or deleteX markWait until after the migration to start teaching your team how to use SharePoint

Post Migration Tips

check-markIncorporate information governance processesX markForget to delete the source files after X months
check-markUnderstand change management and training will be requiredX markBe afraid to replace custom solutions if they aren’t fulfilling their need
check-markImplement security, protection and retention controlsX markUnderestimate the need for proactive change management and user training
check-markConsistently check in on your team in the following few weeks to ensure they have the support and training they requireX markForget to provide organisation wide migration analytics to the executive team
check-markAutomate business processes and workflows  

Data migration projects are anything but easy, and take a considerable amount of time to plan and execute. If you feel your organisation may be in over its head and could benefit from external expertise or you’d like a quote on outsourcing the migration, please get in touch with our team of migration experts. Find out more about our content migration services here.

Thien Nguyen
Thien Nguyen

Technical Consultant

Thien is a technical consultant with an instrumental role in leading content and data migration projects, utilising our migration tool Xillio. Thien has expertise with SQL Servers, database and system administration. 


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