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Queensland State Archives’ (QSA) New Records Governance Policy

Oct 5, 2018 | Information Governance, Records Management

The new Records Governance Policy released by Queensland State Archives (QSA) in June has significantly changed records management requirements, providing more flexibility to public authorities. The new policy applies to all government agencies, and supersedes the Information Standard 31: Retention and disposal of public records and Information Standard 40: Recordkeeping policies.

The change is part of the QSA’s transformation project, seeking to improve the way records and information are maintained, and to enable records governance practices to align more closely with strategic business objectives. The policy focuses on:

  • Ensuring that management of important and sensitive records is prioritised
  • Improving discoverability and accessibility of records and information
  • Empowering government agencies to establish their own records and information governance practices
  • Applying a phased implementation approach
  • Bettering records management capabilities and maturity

Event: Understanding QSA’s Policy Updates.

We held discussions with QSA on the policy update, and hosted two workshops with representatives across government agencies in Queensland, to discuss ways to;

  • Introduce creativity and be innovative in our approach to addressing the requirements of the new policy
  • Establish and foster ongoing collaboration between agencies
  • Address the management of permanent, high-value and high-risk records and information as a priority
  • Making records more discoverable, tools, tips and advice

If you’d like to discuss the new policy or understand the discussion points from our workshops, please get in touch with our team.

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Checklist of Recommendations:
What Could/Should You Be Doing Next?

We’ve developed a checklist of aspects to consider when engaging internal stakeholders to discuss recordkeeping requirements, and to assist with encouraging a strategic approach to records governance. Click here to download.

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