Business Records Management Strategy

Our team of experienced consultants help organisations solve the complexity of balancing business objectives with records management compliance. We understand that each industry and organisation is unique and therefore take a tailored approach to each records management project.

Our strategic records management advice aids organisations in achieving regulatory compliance, streamlining processes and improving the function’s efficiency, attaining cost reductions, maximising return on investment from new or incumbent eDRMS (electronic document records management systems) and in protecting and maintaining vital records.

Our multi-award winning team of consultants has extensive experience in delivering strategic records management advice and insight to clients in varying industries across Australia. We understand that each business is unique, and as such, take a tailored approach to our consulting projects.

Our stratregic range of records management related services include advice, development, set-up and review of;

  • Policy
  • Processes and procedures
  • Standards and guidelines
  • Strategy
  • Framework
  • Business classification schemes
  • Taxonomies
  • Retention and disposal schedules
  • Metadata
  • Maturity of recordkeeping program
  • Content migration between repositories and eDRMS platforms
  • eDRMS security
  • Microsoft Office 365 Security & Compliance
  • Email records capture
  • eDRMS selection / assessment
  • Risk management plans
  • Records / content clean-up
  • Gap analysis
  • Information architecture of file repositories
  • Information governance
  • Social media records management

    Why Miktysh for Your Strategic Records Management

    Proven Advice and Expertise

    Our holistic project management and advisory services are underpinned by our proven methodology that delivers strategic direction, information governance and compliance.

    Industry Specific Knowledge and Methodologies

     Using end-to-end, industry focused solutions, we position teams to realise the benefits of improved business records management strategy sooner.

    National Footprint

    Since 2008 Miktysh has been working with clients across Australia to deliver strategic solutions. Our client portfolio has grown to include many prominent government and private sector organisations.

    Affordable Solutions

    Drawing from our years of experience, we’ve been able to streamline our business operations and processes to deliver affordable, high value solutions.

    Business Records Management Strategy — Key Drivers & Objectives

    A holistic approach to records management strategy that helps executives solve compliance challenges, better protect and preserve records, improve operational efficiency and identify opportunities for cost reductions.

    Compliance & Governance — Be Proactive in Your Approach

    Meet legislative and regulatory recordkeeping requirements

    Manage records across Office 365 applications

    Ensure records are captured across all platforms

    Increase eDRMS end user engagement

    Compliantly capture all social media and email records

    Prepare for the Digital Continuity 2020 Policy

    Improve records and eDRMS security

    Support legal discovery and FOI requests

    Efficiency — Work Smarter, Not Harder

    Demonstrate and elevate the importance of your RIM team

    Improve the quality and functionality of your eDRMS

    Support more efficient business practices

    Measure or improve effectiveness of recordkeeping

    Leverage new or existing technology to its full potential

    Facilitate improved discoverability of records and information

    Manage growth of information created and used

    Improve or simplify classifications, taxonomies and metadata

    Cost Reductions — Get More From Your Budget

    Identify redundant processes and information

    Lower physical and digital storage requirements

    Recover and redirect physical storage costs through digitisation

    Reduce search for content and rework

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