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Micro Focus Releases HPE Content Manager 9.2 and 9.1 Patches

May 25, 2018 | Micro Focus

Micro Focus has just released Content Manager 9.2 Patch 1 and 9.1 Patch 5, which include a number of enhancements and resolved issues. We’ve reviewed the releases and have provided a summary of the updates most relevant to end users below. If you’d like to review the full communication, we’ve included it to the right hand side of this page.

Content Manager 9.2 Patch 1


  • Elasticsearch 6.2.2 is now supported
  • Schema upgrade repair steps 9-11 no longer fail a Schema upgrade

Resolved issues

  • View pane displayed two dates when assigning back to a Home location
  • Notes added via Web Client did not use the behaviour setup for the record
  • Dragging and dropping an email triggered an error
  • In System Options, all Permissions are now saved without issue
  • Access controls are no longer replaced when they should be added
  • Disposal of a consignment record with more than two container levels is now happening without error
  • Unable to uncheck ‘Always display full width’ of the Container field for record types with ‘Based on Container’ number

Acknowledged but unresolved issue

  • Unable to upload a file over 1GB into Web Client (noted issue / limitation of the product)

Content Manager 9.1 Patch 5

Resolved issues

  • Two issues with certain time zones were resolved – incorrect conversion to local time and incorrect user login/logout events in the time zone of the workgroup server.
  • Disposal of consignment records with more than two container levels can now occur
  • MS Outlook integrations – progress bar now closes at the end of each action unless there is an error or warning

We’ll install the patch for you for FREE. No strings attached.

Versions 9.1/9.2 are required to install the respective patch. Up to two environments only. To request the free upgrade fill out the contact form below.

If you’re not on 9.1 or 9.2 yet and you’d like to enquire about patches available for your version of HPE Trim/Records Manager/Content Manager, please contact us. Watch a demo of Content Manager 9.2 here.

Full PDF information about 9.1 Patch 5 here.

More information about 9.2 Patch 1 here.

Kylie Lack

Kylie Lack

Lead Technical & Business Consultant

Kylie is a records and information management specialist with a wealth of industry knowledge. She drives information excellence in eDRMS and ECM software design and implementation. Drawing on her analytical acumen, technical aptitude and expert project management skills, she also employs our proven methodologies and industry best practices to deliver valuable insight and support for our clients.

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TRIM / Content Manager 9.2 Demo

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