HP ControlPoint


As a partner of AvePoint, our Miktysh consultants are qualified and experienced in using their products to implement and manage our information management services. Our consultants have led and delivered on projects that use the following tools with great success. Whether you are migrating from an on-premise environment to the cloud or looking for a governance strategy, we can help.

Fly Migrator

With Fly Migrator our experienced migration consultants can assist you with migrating between different on-premise and cloud platforms such as SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Exchange and many more. With the support of our expert migration consultants you can rest assured that your data will be migrated successfully.

AvePoint Cloud Governance

With AvePoint Cloud Governance you are able to scale, automate and secure your environments by giving your users the Teams, Sites and Groups they need when they need them, all backed by a sustainable, efficient and secure governance framework.

AvePoint Cloud Records

Managing your information can be difficult. AvePoint Cloud Records provides a single solution for managing digital and physical content—streamlining workflow processes across the enterprise

AvePoint Opus

The most comprehensive solution​ that enables organisations to discover, classify, protect and manage their data, accurately and at scale.

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Technology Award for Records Management Brisbane