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How RecordPoint Enhances Office 365

May 9, 2018 | Office 365, RecordPoint

In this brief five-minute podcast, Anthony Woodward, founder and CTO at RecordPoint, discusses how RecordPoint enhances Office 365, records compliance, and provides a brief technical overview of Records365 vNext.

Duration: 5:46 | 5.4MB

About Anthony Woodward

Anthony Woodward is the CTO of RecordPoint. As one of the original founders, Anthony has a vast amount of experience in the ECM features of SharePoint and the Microsoft stack. He has worked with hundreds of organizations around the world delivering compliant records management solutions. Anthony is originally from Australia but is now based in Seattle overseeing global operations and product strategy and support.

Learn more about RecordPoint, or watch a brief Records365 vNext tutorial.

Luke Ivanovic

Luke Ivanovic

Marketing Manager

Luke is a Marketing Manager with experience in both B2B and B2C marketing. He has a keen interest in information management and Office 365, as well as a passion for digital marketing and developing informative content.

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