Records Management as a Service, Australia Wide

A compliant records management service to solve the complexity of recordkeeping. Records Management as a Service is a flexible solution that allows your organisation to focus on its core business.

Key Benefits of Our Records Management Service.

Improve Data Operations

Tailorable Records Management Service

Our service can be tailored to meet any requirement with flexibility on how often we visit on-site, whether physical records need to be managed, the frequency of disposal activities and how many repositories need to be managed.

Streamlined Access

Flexible Resourcing for Fluctuating Demand

Often organisations don’t require a full time resource, or their need fluctuates. Our team can easily handle the ebb and flow of your business, providing knowledgeable records management support when you need it.

Manage Sensitive Data

Knowledgeable Advice to Drive Compliance

Our team of experts are knowledgeable with real world records management experience, to provide you with the expertise required to ensure your processes are aligned with legislation and best practice.

Improve Data Operations

Lower Overhead Cost

Minimise the cost and challenge of attracting, hiring, training and maintaining staff with in-depth records management experience. Our clients benefit from our economy of scale and team who have a blend of technical, records management and industry specific expertise.

Improve Data Operations

Reduce Operational Risk

We assume full responsibility of your records management requirements to ensure 100% compliance to all regulatory obligations. Our team is experienced and well versed on all Australian recordkeeping standards.

Improve Data Operations

In-depth Review to Assess Records Compliance

With this service we include a thorough records management review of your eDRM system, recordkeeping processes and procedures to identify and address any compliance gaps.

Manage Sensitive Data

Qualified, Expert Advice

Our team of experts are knowledgeable with real world records management experience, to provide you with the expertise required to ensure your processes are aligned with legislation and best practice.

Streamlined Access

Maintain Focus on Your Core Business Operations

Allow our team to manage your records management function so you can focus on what you do best and the reason you operate; your core business.

Records Management Across Platforms.

What’s Included in Our Records Management as a Service.

  • Identification of new electronic repositories that do not have records management applied
  • Collaboration with key stakeholders responsible for managing your SharePoint or other electronic repositories, to ensure that your systems are aligned to drive effective records management
  • Management of physical records (optional extra)
  • Regular reporting of end-of-life records and presentation for disposal approval
  • Management of social media records via Brolly (optional extra)

Request a Quote or Further Information.

Every organisation has unique requirements for the management of their records. Get in touch with our team to discuss your needs or request a quote.

Miktysh Services.

Miktysh is a multi-award winning, national team of business consultants who deliver strategic solutions that enable simple and effective management of records, information and enterprise content. Our services include;

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Information Management Award
Telstra Business Award for Records Management Strategy
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Technology Award for Records Management Brisbane