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RecordPoint Video: Industry Experts Weigh in on Compliance Implementations

May 17, 2019 | Information Governance, RecordPoint

RecordPoint hosted a panel of nine industry experts and Microsoft MVPs to discuss their views on compliance implementations within organisations. The video discussion was inspired by a recent study conducted by CollabTalk and the BYU School of Business on organisational security & compliance practices in Office 365, which is available here. During this RecordPoint video, the panel of specialists discuss;

  • The survey that was conducted
  • Their real life experiences with implementations
  • How cloud services, Office 365 and Power BI are being used
  • How security and compliance in organisations is evolving
  • The biggest compliance challenges affecting organisations
  • How mergers and other factors effect compliance
  • The administrative process behind compliance
  • How organisations can audit themselves
  • The risks of poor security
  • When organisations should use third-party and out-of-the-box tools

Tune in below for this insightful 67 minute RecordPoint video.

Harmony Sanderson
Harmony Sanderson

Marketing Manager

Harmony is an experienced marketing manager with a well-rounded skill set in both B2B and B2C marketing. She has a keen interest in information management and information technology, and a passion for developing informative and topical content.



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