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Special Discount on HP TRIM / Content Manager Modules

Our discounts on Content Manager Modules listed are only available until April 17, 2019.

ModuleRRPSpecial OfferSavings
Advanced Disposal Processing Upgrade$    50,242$    11,760$    38,482
Auto-Class Base Package$    71,774$    16,800$    54,974
Auto-Class Enhanced Package$  100,484$    23,520$    76,964
OCR Base Package$    71,774$    16,800$    54,974
OCR Enhanced Package$  100,484$    23,521$    76,963
Rendering (including VERS)$    17,943$      4,200$    13,743

Content Manager Advanced Disposal Module- Features a disposition module that guides through the processing of disposal consignments and can determine a responsible archivist, selection criteria and a set of processing rules. Once the consignment is created it will automatically check the records for any issues that would prevent disposal.

Content Manager Auto-Classification Module – Records can be captured into high-level entry points in your business classification and it will then automatically reclassify them into a lower-level branch.

Content Manager OCR Module – Allows CM to extract text from image files and store it as a document rendition that can be indexed by IDOL. Image records are searchable without reliance on a third party imaging application.

Content Manager Rendering Module – A fully automated process for document format conversion (rendering) and for storing both original and rendered documents to a record. The legacy VERS compliance module is now included in this module.

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2-For-1 Records Management Health Checks.

Purchase one records management health check and receive another health check free in 12-months time. This offer is only available until the 31 March 2019. 

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