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Content Manager License Offer


With the end of financial year drawing near, take advantage of these license bundles available until June 30, 2020. 

Bundle 1: Get 125 licenses at the price of 100.

Bundle 2: Get 250 licenses at the price of 200.

Bundle 3: Get 375 licenses for the price of 300.

Content Manager Bundle Offer


Buy additional Content Manager licenses through us and get all 4 modules for $50,000 plus support, ex GST. Offer available until April 30, 2020. 

Advanced Disposal Processing (ADP) Module helps with the management of disposal processing by enabling you to create record disposal consignments that are then routed through a guided approval and execution process, with automated review steps along the way.

Auto-Classification Module allows records to be captured into high level entry points in your business classification and it will then automatically re-classify them into a lower level branch based on categorisation. This is particularly useful if you are also purchasing ControlPoint for records auto-declaration.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Module allows Content Manager to extract text from image files and store it as a document rendition that can be indexed and searched without reliance on a third party imaging application.

Rendering Module uses a rendering engine to create TIFF or PDF (PDF/a) renditions of electronic documents and records for the purpose of redaction and long term archiving. The module also includes the ability to create VERS Encapsulated Objects (VEOs) to comply with the Victorian Electronic Records Standard (VERS) archiving standard.

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