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NSW Government Launches Information Governance Assessment Tool

May 29, 2019 | Information Governance

The NSW Information & Privacy Commission (IPC) has released an online self-assessment tool for government agencies based in NSW. The tool will enable government organisations to assess their systems, policies, and information management and governance practices to ensure compliance with information access and privacy requirements. The information governance assessment tool will also;

  • Link to IPC guidance that promotes best practice and compliance
  • Generate dashboard reports highlighting agency compliance ratings
  • Precisely identify areas where improvements are required
  • Provide comprehensive plans to improve compliance with privacy and information access requirements

Privacy Commissioner, Ms Samantha Gavel commented, “Leaders who recognise the importance of good personal information handling in delivering services and building the trust of their customers, and actively encourage staff to embed privacy in their business processes, will make privacy core to the business and not just a compliance issue.”

Information Commissioner, Elizabeth Tydd said, “the adoption of an open access and open data culture within government and by agencies requires a cultural shift – from controlling and shielding information to releasing it and allowing others to use it. This must be supported by a governance framework that is committed to an open access/data culture.”

These two information governance assessment tools can be accessed through IPC NSW’s website here:

If you require a more in-depth and objective third-party information governance audit, or require strategic advice or assistance in meeting your compliance obligations, please get in touch with our team of specialists.

Carmen Mc Dermid

Carmen Mc Dermid

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