Micro Focus Content Manager Support

Ongoing, monthly and annual Micro Focus Content Manager support packages. Numerous options available to meet varying needs, from bulk hours to an entirely managed service for your records management system.

Micro Focus Content Manager Support.

Our flexible Content Manager support packages drive maximum value and operational efficiency for clients.

Mitigate Risk

Better Budget Management

Attracting, hiring and retaining staff with a highly specialised, technical skill set is expensive, and often organisations don’t require a full time resource, or their need fluctuates. Benefit from our economy of scale, lower cost structure and blend of technical and function specific expertise.

Automate Retention

Improved eDRMS Security

Many organisations are unaware of major gaps in their system’s security. Our Health Check and ongoing advisory services will allow you to ensure your data and intellectual property are secure and only accessible to the appropriate individuals.

Improve Efficiencies

Increased Efficiency With Flexible Resourcing

Many records management and IT teams are operating at their maximum capacity. Our support services offer organisations the agility required to be able to quickly implement version and patch upgrades without impacting daily operations.

Deeper Insights

Qualified Advice to Drive Compliance

Our team of experts are knowledgeable with real world records management experience, to provide you with the expertise required to ensure your processes are aligned with legislation and best practice.

Mitigate Risk

Expertise at Your Fingertips

We provide clients with technical
expertise as well as records management
advice relating to legislative requirements
and industry best practice.

Improve Efficiencies

Drive User Engagement

We fully manage the administration and optimisation of your Content Manager environment to ensure peak performance to drive user engagement.

Automate Retention

Reduced Operational Risk

We assume the responsibility of managing your eDRMS, including system restoration during planned or unplanned outages, as well as disaster recovery.

Deeper Insights

Stay Focused On Your Core Business Operations

Let our team manage the health of your eDRMS whilst you focus on your core business.

Micro Focus Content Manager Support Options.

Our support packages align clients with our team of experts to provide technical support for Content Manager users, and best practice records management advice. We offer a variety of service options to meet operational and budgetary requirements, from responsive support for when the need arises, to a proactive managed service, or fully outsourced support.

Responsive Block Support Hours

Block support hours are for clients who want the ability to call on support when they need it and has no restrictions on use. Clients enjoy access to our dedicated support portal and enhanced response time service level agreement.

With unlimited flexibility on the use of support time, clients are able to undertake project activities with their hours or call on our specialist support team, at any time during business hours, to seek advice on an issue or concern with either their records and information management process or configuration query regarding their eDRMS environment.


Managed Service for Micro Focus Content Manager

Our managed service program takes away all the challenges related to running an effective and efficient Content Manager environment and is ideal for organisations who do not have the time or in-depth technical knowledge to undertake the many tasks required to maintain and optimise their system.

With this service, our team of Content Manager specialists and records management professionals proactively manage your system to ensure optimal performance. This includes;

  • Dedicated help desk and support portal
  • Unlimited technical support
  • Records management advice including legislative compliance
  • An always current system with unlimited technical patch and version upgrades
  • Annual health checks to ensure your information and records management processes are aligned with operations and legislation


What Our Clients Have to Say.

“The Managed Services package is a great value for money for our organisation.  Miktysh have completed a health check on our system and the results of this check was an in-depth review and resultant report we have been able to submit to senior management.  We are in the process of commencing a technical upgrade of our system, which is also included in our package, and to date the support received in the setting up of this upgrade by the staff at Miktysh has been exceptional.  All staff we have had interactions with have been very accommodating and possess a high standard of knowledge. The response times to requests for information/service enquiries have been well within the specified contractual timeframes.”

Nancy Taia
Manager, Records & Information Management
Legal Aid Queensland

Our records management system was due to reach end of life for its vendor support. With limited in-house technical knowledge required to upgrade our records management system, we entered into a managed service arrangement with Miktysh. Miktysh has since upgraded our records management system to the latest version and have provided regular ongoing maintenance and support activities. Through the managed service arrangement, Miktysh have been very responsive to our requests and have ensured we have a stable platform for one of our key systems. For someone considering entering into a managed service arrangement for their electronic document and records management system, we recommend they contact Miktysh as a vendor of choice.

Kieran Gard
Manager Information and Technology
Office of the Health Ombudsman

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