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The New Normal Requires Zero Trust

Jun 27, 2021 | Digital Transformation, Information Governance, Information Management

The ‘zero trust’ security emphasizes that enterprises should have a “trusted” internal network and an “untrusted” external network. The adoption of increasing mobile and cloud and the recent pandemic shows that we can no longer have a network perimeter-centric view of security. Instead, we need to securely enable access for the various stakeholders, including employees, partners, contractors, etc., regardless of their location, device, or network. There is no silver bullet in achieving a ‘zero trust’ security architecture. Still, the identity and access management is the core technology that sets the stage for the ‘zero trust’ journey. The ‘people’ become the new perimeter in this journey, with identity-forming the critical component to establishing a secure environment.

In this presentation by Sami Laine from Okta, you will hear about:

· the shifts in the security landscape that paved the way for ‘zero trust’

· how the ‘zero trust’ extended ecosystem will look like today

· building an effective ‘zero trust’ program and architecture for the future.

Carmen Mc Dermid

Carmen Mc Dermid

Marketing Coordinator

Carmen is an experienced Digital Marketing Specialist with a strong software and technology industry background. Carmen is dedicated to delivering quality content that adds value and keeps people informed about the ever-changing landscape of the information management industry.



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