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Cloud Governance – RIMPA Queensland Event

Sep 27, 2018 | Information Management, Records Management

Join RIMPA Queensland for their next event on October 25, featuring Miktysh Business Consultant, Raelene Bennett, on the following;

Stop, Collaborate and Listen

How RIM professionals can gain visibility into the world of collaboration and manage a new way of working. Gone are the days of single content repositories. With more and more technology readily available, that allows both internal and external storage and collaboration of unstructured content, it is critical that the modern RIM professional proactively engages with business units to understand how they wish to operate and what they are trying to achieve. In this session we will workshop what you may discover when you engage with the business units and then how you might go about applying the right amount of structure and governance.

DATE:  Thu. 25 October 2018
TIME:  12:00 pm – 2:00 pm AEST
LOCATION:  Hotel Jen Brisbane, 159 Roma Street, Brisbane City
COST:  $32 -$80

John Whitehead LLB (Hons)

John Whitehead LLB (Hons)

Senior Business Consultant

John has worked in the Information Management industry at a senior level for over twenty years and brings his wide-ranging technical, commercial and management skills to each project.  He is client focussed and has a proven track record of providing Information Management solutions that deliver significant business value to his clients.

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