RecordPoint Integrated Records Management System

An Office 365 and SharePoint integrated records management system, that helps organisations reduce the complexity of recordkeeping, standardises technology platforms, improves legislative compliance and information security. RecordPoint is cloud-based or on-premises.

A records management system that fully integrates with Microsoft environments.

Consolidate all of your content from Box, Dropbox, Office 365, SharePoint, OneDrive, Exchange, Salesforce, network drives and more.

  • Complete scalability regardless of content location
  • Built to meet global and local compliance standards
  • Consolidate
  • Automated rules to reduce manual tasks
  • Manage physical, electronic and hybrid records all in the one interface

RecordPoint offers a complete, integrated records management system for better management of your information in SharePoint and Office 365. Available for both on-premises and the cloud, RecordPoint offers a globally compliant, rules-based solution that solves the complexity of records management for heavily regulated industries or organisations.



Records365 is a cloud-based integrated records management system that intuitively solves the complexity of information and records management alongside SharePoint and Office 365.



A globally compliant, rules-based, on-premises solution that makes records and information management for SharePoint and Office 365 easier for end users and Records Managers.


Unsure which solution is right for your organisation?

If you’re unclear which records management solution is right for you, our team would be happy to assist. Just contact us to discuss your requirements and schedule an obligation free RecordPoint demo.

RecordPoint Dashboard

RecordPoint related services.

Specialising in records and information management since 2008, Miktysh has a deep understanding of Australian recordkeeping requirements for government agencies and regulated industries. Our services include;

Complementary products.

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Capture and record social media activity with Brolly’s social media records management tool

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Search, identify and control unstructured information across repositories with ControlPoint

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Safely and securely migrate data and content between ECM systems with Xillio.

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Improve email productivity and connect RecordPoint to Outlook with inMailX.

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Seamlessly connect Outlook email with SharePoint using OnePlaceMail

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Scan, capture, audit, search and analyse documents with EzeScan’s product suite

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Automate workflows and optimise business processes with Objective Perform

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Intelligently archive and search structured information with Structured Data Manager

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