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Micro Focus Launches Content Manager Select

May 28, 2020 | Micro Focus

In response to market demand, Micro Focus have launched a SaaS version of Content Manager called Content Manager Select.

Available in either one year or three-year licenses, this new cloud-based system gives Government agencies the opportunity to better aligns their budgets with their records management costs.

Content Manager Select doesn’t compromise on functionality either as it includes the same functionality as what you currently get in the perpetual license model. You can also enjoy a rich user experience whether using desktop or mobile devices.

As part of the Content Manager Select subscription you have support included as well as access to another of popular Content Manager modules that were previously priced separately. This includes;

  • Auto Classification – a module which automates the classification of documents and records based on content.
  • Advanced disposition processing – a workflow tool that guides users through processing disposal consignments.
  • Rendering – a module used to create long-term PDF renditions of documents which are stored alongside the original records.
  • Optical character recognition – a module which converts electronic documents that are not text searchable to a searchable format
  • Space management – a tool which allows a hierarchy to be set up in Content Manager that represents a physical storage space.

With all these modules bundled into the one subscription it’s easy to see the benefit for Content Manager users switching to the new SaaS model. Additionally, Micro Focus have simplified their licensing by including only three user types. There are administrators, knowledge workers and enquiry users. Not only this, but with Content Manager Select you get unlimited inquiry users included.

For current Content Manager users looking to potentially switch over, you will be pleased to know that you can do this for a $1 to $1 swap. You will also receive an additional 500,000 objects for free. In other words, if for example you had $300,000 worth of administrator and knowledge worker licenses, you can swap over for and receive the same amount of these licenses for the same price in the new product. On top of this you would also receive unlimited inquiry users, 500,000 extra objects and the Content Manager modules mentioned earlier.

If you are a current Content Manager user that wants to find out how switching to Content Manager Select can provide extra value to your organisation, reach out to one of our Content Manager specialists.

Kylie Lack

Kylie Lack

Lead Technical & Business Consultant

Kylie is a records and information management specialist with a wealth of industry knowledge. She drives information excellence in eDRMS and ECM software design and implementation. Drawing on her analytical acumen, technical aptitude and expert project management skills, she also employs our proven methodologies and industry best practices to deliver valuable insight and support for our clients.



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