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Webinar: Disposition of Records in TRIM/Content Manager’s Advanced Disposal Processing Module

Sep 4, 2018 | ECM, Information Management, Records Management, Technology Updates

Disposition and Records Management in TRIM/Content Manager

We showcase Content Manager’s Advanced Disposal Processing Module which enables simple identification of records due for disposal. We show users how to;

  • Identify the correct records for disposal
  • Create and review consignments
  • Manage and collect approvals
  • Electronically dispose of records according to your legislative requirements
  • Manage disposition conflicts

Submit your details below to watch this 35-minute video on disposition of records in Content Manager.

Raelene Bennett

Raelene Bennett

Business Consultant

Raelene is an experienced professional with expertise in all facets of information management including eDRMS implementation, management and enhancement. She is an experienced administrator of TRIM / Content Manager, SharePoint Online, Office 365 and Microsoft Teams.


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