eDRM System Security Assessments

Experts in reviewing, assessing and improving record management system security within HPE Content Manager / HPE Trim and RecordPoint, as well as related business processes.

Electronic document and record management system (eDRMS) security is extremely important when dealing with records and is often a major concern of clients’, especially when implementing a new record management system. Accurate and compliance security measures are critical in a recordkeeping process to ensure:

  • Confidential records are protected from unauthorised access or disclosure
  • The integrity of the records within the system
  • That the appropriate records are available when an authorise person requires them

It can be a daunting task to determine and implement appropriate security levels, especially in large organisations. We have extensive experience in this area, providing organisations with a clear understanding of legislative requirements for managing confidential and sensitive records. Our knowledgeable team works with organisations to identify the most effective way to secure records without hampering an employee’s abilities to carry out their role. We are able to assist with reviewing, assessing and configuring even the most complex security solutions within HPE Content Manager and RecordPoint, and related business procedures.

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Technology Award for Records Management Brisbane