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Micro Focus Have Released Content Manager 9.3 Patch 3

Oct 28, 2019 | Micro Focus

Micro Focus has just released Content Manager 9.3 Patch 3, which includes a number of enhancements and resolved issues. We’ve reviewed the releases and have provided a summary of the updates below. You can also download the PDF to view the full details.



  • In Enterprise Studio you can enable indexing of deleted text when using revision tracking.
  • In Enterprise Studio you can enable indexing of hidden cells in Excel spreadsheets.
  • Introduced a new stage to create important indexes before a data conversion when upgrading.

Resolved Issues

  • Saved search list can perform prefix search with names containing special characters.
  • When searching for records without a hold, search results only displays records with no holds.
  • Record Statistics Reports are generated correctly.
  • In the Relate Records to Dialog, add and remove buttons are enabled as and when required.
  • Searching for records using creator or other location methods no longer lags
  • Records can be added to a folder/container with a hold.
  • Adding locations to access controls does not remove previous access control members.
  • Office applications don’t crash when view the document through Content Manager Ribbon > Record Properties.
  • Checking out of multiple documents to custom directly will not return incorrect path.
  • The last selected pane on View pane will be the default pane selected until changed.
  • For Outlook integration Content Manager Ribbon item will display only once in the appointment/meeting window.
  • Searching a record number when it is a 2-digit part number is working.
  • For Office integration Content Manager ribbon is enabled for new read-only documents.
  • Right-click context menu now works when using a Microsoft Surface touch screen.
  • For email integration, duplicate emails are checked based on sizes and title/subject.
  • The custom button in access control is enabled even if no access control is highlighted.
  • For Office integration, Office documents are checked-in with changes saved.
  • Record check in and check out status refreshes correctly.
Kylie Lack

Kylie Lack

Lead Technical & Business Consultant

Kylie is a records and information management specialist with a wealth of industry knowledge. She drives information excellence in eDRMS and ECM software design and implementation. Drawing on her analytical acumen, technical aptitude and expert project management skills, she also employs our proven methodologies and industry best practices to deliver valuable insight and support for our clients.



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