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Top 5 Benefits of Migrating to Office 365

Top 5 Benefits of Migrating to Office 365

With 155 million Office 365 Business Users worldwide, Office 365 has become the dominant player in the cloud services industry, and for good reason. Here are the top 5 benefits of migrating to Office 365.

Machine Learning for Information Governance in Office 365

Microsoft have announced new machine learning for Information Governance across Office 365. Automatically classify and label content and trigger your retention and disposal schedules with trainable classifiers. Also learn how to manage insider risks leveraging machine learning and AI.

How to Approach a Digital Transformation

70% of Digital Transformations fail. Understand what most organisations get wrong and how you should approach a digital transformation in a way that drives success.

New Features Coming to Microsoft Teams – Private Channels, Metadata and More.

Microsoft have announced new updates to Teams, including private channels and a unified file experience across Teams, Outlook, SharePoint and OneDrive.

Micro Focus Have Released Content Manager 9.3 Patch 3

Micro Focus have just released Content Manager 9.3 patch 3, which includes a number of enhancements and resolved issues for their Web Client, Office and SharePoint Integrations and more. Check out our summary of the updates or read the full details.

Tips for Getting More Budget for Your Records & Information Management Department

Miktysh Blog.  Do you hear that? That frantic tapping, shuffling and grumbling sound. It’s the sound of budgets being prepared and the tweaking on strategies for the next fiscal year. So get on the bandwagon and start preparing your budget now. Our recent survey...

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