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[Webinar] Managing Teams, SharePoint & OneDrive Content Using Content Manager

In this webinar we’ll demonstrate how Content Manager’s SharePoint integration can empower you to manage your Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive content without interrupting your end-users.

5 Must-Know Records Management Features in Microsoft 365

Although it is not yet as advanced as traditional eDRMS, Microsoft 365 continues to grow its built-in records management capabilities. Learn the top 5 must-know records management features in Microsoft 365.

Re-imagining Information Architecture for the Modern Workplace

The workplace has changed and COVID-19 has shined a spotlight on this change. As a result, we need to re-think how we approach information architecture for the modern workplace.

Microsoft Lists – What does it do and when should you use it?

The newest app in the Microsoft 365 Suite is finally here. Microsoft Lists is SharePoint lists on steroids & provides powerful new ways to organise your work.

Should You Manage Your Social Media Content as Records?

In this episode I talk with Nathan Cram, the Founder of Brolly, Australia's first social media archiving platform. We discuss the importance of social media records management, what could happen if you fail to capture your social media content and the best way to...

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