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Data vs Information: What’s the Difference? (Infographic)

There is a subtle distinction between data vs information that is often overlooked. With new data being produced every day, and organisation’s facing more and more information it’s more important than ever to understand the difference between these two terms.

RecordPoint Power BI Connector Delivers Impressive Data Visualisation Dashboards

Miktysh Blog.  With the recent release of the Records365 Power BI Data Connector, records management professionals can now view rich visual analytics and reports on their Records365 data. Not only does the integration of these two platforms provide actionable...

Video Demonstration: EzeScan Email Record Capture & Automation Software

Change the way your organisation handles email records by automating your business workflows with EzeScan. During this short webinar, we’ll show you how manual processes can be automated with EzeScan’s Email Record Capture (ERC) software, providing the ability to batch capture and process email records.

Announcing Miktysh & Xillio Partnership To Provide Data Migration Services to Australian Market

Miktysh announces the formalization of a strategic partnership with Xillio to provide top tier content and data migration services to the Australian market. The partnership extends Xillio’s established market share firmly into the Australian market, whilst leveraging the vast content migration experience both companies have.

5 Security Features in Office 365 that Keeps Your Information Secure

As the Office 365 suite continues to expand so does the need for increased security. Here we identify 5 security features in Office 365 that meet that keeps your organisation’s information secure.

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