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What is inMailX? Watch Our inMailX Demonstration Video

Oct 8, 2018 | Email Productivity, Records Management

What is inMailX?

inMailX is a powerful email management, compliance and productivity application that integrates with Microsoft Outlook, to make it easier for users to effectively manage, record and file emails and attachments.

The interface is simple to use and is designed to combine common, multi-step tasks such as Send, File & Print, Close, File & Print or Attachments Clean, Rename, Reorder and PDF conversion, into simple one-click actions.

Features include;

  • Easily capture email records
  • Quickly cleanse metadata from attachments
  • Enforce corporate policies
  • Improve email security with Send and Response Guard
  • Selectively print emails and attachments to reduce paper wastage
  • Standardise branding and centrally control email signatures
  • Integrate with Cloud storage or eDRMS such as SharePoint or Content Manager (TRIM)
  • Save and insert Quick Content to quickly compose emails and reduce repetitive typing 

And more. Watch the brief video above for a glimpse at what inMailX can do.

Contact our team to request a FREE 30-DAY TRIAL of inMailX.

Michelle Goodwin

Michelle Goodwin

Business Analyst

A strategic and knowledge information management professional, Michelle has vast experience in design, implementing and delivering bespoke SharePoint and RecordPoint solutions, for clients in both the private and public sectors.

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