Records Management Health Check

Our in-depth records management health check provides organisations with a review of their recordkeeping process, assessing compliance and organisational risk, utilisation and user engagement, configuration issues, with recommendations for improvement.

Records management health check.

Our health checks examine an organisation’s eDRM (electronic document and records management) system and recordkeeping policy to assess the overall ‘health’ of an organisation. Our team of consultants determine whether there are opportunities to improve;

  • Performance, content visibility, accessibility and collaboration
  • System and information security
  • Configuration issues
  • Underutilisation
  • User engagement
  • Recordkeeping compliance

Any one of these issues could greatly and negatively impact critical operations within an organisation.

Metadata is critical in defining a record at the point of creation, and provides information on its content, context and structure. It plays a key role in the lifecycle of the record by displaying the history of how the record has been managed through time.

Capturing the right metadata in an eDRM system ensures records are appropriately accessed, controlled and managed. Poor quality metadata, inadequate work processes and incomplete follow up can put an organisation at risk.

Our comprehensive review details high priority issues with a summary of recommendations to address any areas of concern or opportunities for improvement.

Our records management health check report delivers many benefits including;

  • Prioritisation of problem areas for effective system management
  • Reduced organisational risk
  • Understanding to rectify underutilisation and optimise system performance
  • Minimised unscheduled downtime as a result of proactive management
  • Improved client configuration that better aligns with business processes
  • Availability of enhanced data to allow for quick and efficient identification and tuning of specific system performance and security issues
  • Increased compliance with legislative and information standards
  • Strengthened end-user engagement through delivery of process improvements
  • Identification of opportunities to improve business processes and user engagement

Our reviews can be customised to address any concerns you may have, and our team is on hand to assist with the implementation of any changes should they be required. Please contact our team our experienced consultants today.

What Our Clients Have to Say.

“Miktysh have completed a health check on our system and the results of this check was an in-depth review and resultant report we have been able to submit to senior management. All staff we have had interactions with have been very accommodating and possess a high standard of knowledge.”

Nancy Taia
Manager, Records & Information Management
Legal Aid Queensland

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