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How Office 365 & SharePoint Have Impacted Information Architecture

May 10, 2019 | Information Management, Office 365, RecordPoint

Erica Toelle, Product Evangelist for RecordPoint and Sarah Haase, Information Architect & Corporate Librarian discuss how Office 365 & SharePoint have impacted information architecture and user adoption, touching on the following questions;


  • How has SharePoint changed librarians’ approach and information architecture in general?
  • Have end user adoption techniques changed?
  • Is this new approach scalable and how would you tackle this?
  • Is information governance important and what role does it play?

Harmony Sanderson
Harmony Sanderson

Marketing Manager

Harmony is an experienced marketing manager with a well-rounded skill set in both B2B and B2C marketing. She has a keen interest in information management and information technology, and a passion for developing informative and topical content.



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