OpenText / Content Manager Modules

Add-in modules built exclusively for OpenText Content Manager, to improve everyday use and user experience within the system.

Enhance core Content Manager capabilities.



Automates the classification of electronic documents and records based on content. The module places the records in temporary holding bays whilst classifying, then moves the records to that relevant classification based on the policies that have been configured.


This module creates long-term (PDF) renditions of documents and stores them with their original records. Enables records to be available for as long as your retention and disposal schedule (RDS) mandates, even when authoring software applications become obsolete.

Space Management

Supports physical record storage. Allows a storage hierarchy to be set up in Content Manager that represents a physical storage space. Ability to set up varying storage bays and shelving layouts, to improve the organisation, retrieval and management of physical records.


Connects workflows to records so the right people have access to the information they need. Includes a graphical workflow editor, decision branching, escalation, template based workflow creation, sequential and parallel routing, activity suspension and authorisation of complex processes.

Optical Character Recognition

Converts electronic documents that are not text searchable to a searchable format.  The module removes the need for OCR capability on scanning devices and can processes the documents automatically.

Advanced Disposal Processing

A workflow tool that guides users through processing disposal consignments. These processes are completed electronically for a seamless and efficient approval process.


VERS Compliance

Enables compliance with VERS which outlines a certain format for electronic records, to enable future viewing regardless of the system they were created in.

OpenText Mobile App

An app for iOS and Android devices, enabling access to Content Manager anytime, anyplace.

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Content Manager services.

Miktysh offers a full range of services relating to Content Manager and records management including;

  • Content Manager implementation, configuration and optimisation
  • Installation, configuration and integration of Content Manager plugins
  • Creating, updating and reviewing business classification schemes (BCS) and retention and disposal schedules (RDS)
  • Reviewing, assessing and revising metadata standards
  • Records management maturity assessments
  • Content Manager health checks

What’s best for your business?

If you’re not sure which product is right for your organisation, our team is happy to help. Just contact us and we’ll discuss your requirements and set up a free product demo.

Make your eDRMS more robust.

Explorezel Miktysh Reseller


Streamline searching of documents from M365 and Content Manager to a single platform.

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DocULink Miktysh Reseller


  Removes the manual management of linked documents, making the experience more consistent across all document types and streamlining processes for your users.

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3652cm FYB miktysh reseller


Allows users to choose which platform they work from, being SharePoint, Microsoft Teams or Content Manager.

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CM2Webshare Miktysh Reseller


Control over what information is displayed from Content Manager and the way it looks on your website and intranet.

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Pathway2CM Miktysh Reseller


Allows for two-way integration between Pathway and Content Manager, reducing duplication and manual synchronisation or work arounds.

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Power2CMLogo Miktysh Reseller


Ensures your organisation is meeting its record keeping compliance requirements for the storage and management of documents and records within Content Manager.

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Service2CM Miktysh Reseller


Automated transfer of metadata and documents to Content Manager, removing manual capture processes and reducing operational costs.

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LocationManager Miktysh Reseller

Locations Manager

Reduces the time required for systems administrators to manage locations, saving costs with support and administration of the system.

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Bring Content Manager (CM) into Windows Explorer. Access CM Trays as top-level folders, preview multiple documents at once and drag and drop records to create relationships without launching CM.

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Technology Award for Records Management Brisbane