Office 365 Consulting Services

Protect, secure and govern your organisation’s information across Office 365 applications. Improve enterprise search, collaboration and the end user experience, prevent data loss, and apply compliant retention and disposal policies. Enquire about our end-to-end Office 365 consulting services.

Ensure Your Information is Protected Across Applications.

More and more organisations are embracing the cloud and the benefits of having a collaborative, modern workspace. With Office 365 and Teams setting records as the fastest growing products ever released by Microsoft, many organisations have found the deployment of these technologies easy, but are struggling with controlling their information in a secure way that still facilitates both internal and external collaboration. 

Key Objectives & Outcomes.

  • Enable effective collaboration in a secure, user friendly environment
  • Empower your team with a modern workplace that allows them to work anywhere, anytime on any device
  • Reduce the time spent searching for documents
  • Introduce security measures to prevent data loss and security breaches
  • Streamline and automate business processes
  • Prevent sensitive information from being shared externally
  • Ensure sensitive data is only accessible to the appropriate individuals internally
  • Apply retention and disposal policies
  • Create an information management framework to help employees understand where to store information (SharePoint/Teams/OneDrive) and how to collaborate

Secure and trustworthy information protection.

Our team understands the value of your information and specialises in configuring Office 365 in a way that secures your information, whilst giving you the ability to safely drive collaboration with both internal team members and external parties. 

The right information - anywhere, anytime, any device.

The days of not being able to find or locate information is over. Correct configuration of Office 365 makes it easier to find information regardless of where you are. The workplace is changing – facilitate remote working through a secure, collaborative workspace.  

Embrace a modern workplace that drives collaboration whilst maintaining control and security of your information.

With Azure Information Protection and the Office 365 Security and Compliance Center, you can safeguard your organisational information across all Office 365 apps.  

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