inMailX — Email Productivity & SharePoint Outlook Plugin

An email management, compliance and productivity tool that integrates with Outlook, Content Manager, SharePoint and other document management platforms to make it easier for users to effectively manage, record and file emails and attachments. Get in touch for more information about InMailX’s email productivity & SharePoint Outlook plugin.

As Low as $1.26 per User, per Month.

SaaS or one-off licensing available. Tiered pricing offers reduced rates based on number of users. Please contact us for an accurate quote.

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Empower Users and Save Time

Empower Users and Save Time

Easy to use interface that is designed to combine common tasks into simple one-click actions.

Increase Productivity and Reduce Costs

Improve Productivity and Costs

Operates through an Outlook add-in, which simplifies training and support, reduces admin costs, delivering immediate ROI.

Enforce Corporate Policies

Enforce Corporate Policies

Allows for custom rules and prompts to be set up to ensure that corporate email processes and policies are being followed.

Reduce Paper Wasteage

Reduce Paper Wastage

Prevent printing of lengthy email threads and enables users to select which attachments to print.

Standardise Branding

Centrally deploy and maintain standardised corporate email forms and signatures.

What is inMailX?

inMailX is an email management, compliance and productivity application that integrates with Microsoft Outlook, to make it easier for users to effectively manage, record and file emails and attachments.

The user interface is easy to use and is designed to combine common tasks such as Send, File & Print, Close, File & Print or Attachments Clean, Rename, Reorder and PDF conversion, into simple one-click actions.

Email productivity at it’s finest — InMailX Features.

  • Create, file and organise emails, tasks and appointments
  • Selectively print email content and attachments to reduce paper usage
  • Secure, bookmark, compress, combine, reorder and rename attachments within Outlook
  • Quickly remove and clean metadata from Word, Excel or PDF attachments
  • Schedule follow-up tasks or appointments whilst reading or sending emails
  • Save and insert Quick Content to quickly compose emails and reduce repetitive typing 
  • File emails into external document management systems or file system structures from Outlook
  • Centrally create and control email signatures and branded email templates
  • Improve email security with Send and Response Guard
  • Integrate with Cloud storage or eDRMS such as SharePoint or Content Manager

Check out some of the new features on the latest version here.

InMailX Related Services.

Our team of knowledgeable consultants offer a wide range of services to support the roll-out of inMailX including;

  • Implementation and configuration
  • InMailX user training
  • Integration with SharePoint and Content Manager
  • Records and information management strategy
  • Information governance audits
  • SharePoint, RecordPoint, Office 365 and Content Manager health checks
  • Records management as a service
  • Office 365 configuration
Integration with third-party eDRMS systems

Integration With Third Party eDRM Systems.

The inMailX email productivity & SharePoint Outlook plugin integrates seamlessly with records management systems such as RecordPoint, Content Manager, SharePoint, iManage/Worksite, Worldox, WebDAV (Oracle UCM, WebDAV Repositories), and can store data on cloud or network folders such as (Box, Dropbox, GoogleDrive, OneDrive, MYOB Accountants Enterprise, MYOB Insolvency, APS Folders).


inMailX Overview

Miktysh Records Management Award BRW - Micro Focus Content Manager Support
Miktysh Records Management Award - HP TRIM Support
Miktysh Records Management Award Deloitte
Information Management Award
Telstra Business Award for Records Management Strategy
Award Records Management Strategy - best office 365 apps
Award Records Management Services Australia
Technology Award for Records Management Brisbane
Technology Award for Records Management Brisbane