Strategic Information Management Services

End-to-end enterprise information management services that will unlock the value of your information assets, drive efficiency and empower your team.

Our strategic information management services help organisations unlock the value of their information assets whilst improving operational efficiency, information security, regulatory compliance, collaboration and maximising ROI from new or incumbent enterprise content management systems.

By effectively managing and fully leveraging information assets, organisations can  improve customer service and compliance, enable more efficient access to information, integrate and streamline processes, and make more informed business decisions. The result is improved performance, greater productivity, reduced risk and cost.

The strategic enterprise information management services we offer are tailored to each client’s unique business, typically falling within information management strategy, information architecture or information governance. Our areas of expertise span;


  • Information management strategy
  • Enterprise information architecture and design
  • Information management framework
  • Information standards, policies and procedures
  • Data cleansing and migration
  • Digital asset and document management
  • Enterprise content management
  • Compliance and risk assessment
  • Enterprise search and e-discovery
  • Information governance – maturity and policy assessment, gap analysis
  • Technology assessment, implementation, configuration and optimisation
  • Records management strategy including review and update of;
    • Business classification schemes (BCS)
    • Metadata standards
    • Retention and disposal schedules (RDS)
    • Enterprise content management system security

Enterprise Information Management Services

Strategic Enterprise Information Management — Key Drivers & Objectives

A holistic information management strategy helps executives solve pressing organisational challenges, makes the business run smoother, addresses the needs of employees and customers, and derives value from information asset to empower smarter business decisions.


Facilitate collaboration internally and externally

Improve the quality and value of organisational information

Support more efficient business practices

Enable management of information as an asset

Leverage new or existing technology to its full potential

Facilitate improved discoverability of information

Manage growth of information created and used

Empower and mobilise a remote workforce

Risk & Governance

Support efficient responses to FOI requests

Facilitate a move to cloud technologies

Maximise the security of intellectual property

Comply with legislative and regulatory requirements

Cost Savings

Identify redundant processes and information

Inform and empower smarter business decisions

Reduce search for content and rework

Reduce physical and digital storage requirements

What Our Clients Have to Say.

“Queensland Treasury engaged Miktysh to assist in the development of a records management strategy for Office365. Once we started looking for strategic skills in Information Management it became clear that Miktysh was, perhaps, uniquely qualified to assist us. We needed expertise in the practice of Information Management, Office365 and Records365. Miktysh applied a team of resources to this activity, each of whom we found to be very skilled in their respective specialisations. Through this approach of assigning specific aspects of the investigation, analysis and subsequent report to their respective subject matter experts, we developed a high degree of confidence very quickly in the eventual outcomes. We have found…that the engagement and the report deliverable have confirmed some of the information we had already collected and the views we had begun to form, as well as supplementing that with other findings we had not considered. For these reasons we were very satisfied with the outcomes. This certainly cemented our view of Miktysh as a very competent and capable service provider.”


Jennifer Holley
Manager of Corporate Applications
Queensland Treasury

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