Information Governance Services Australia Wide

Helping organisations protect their enterprise data and effectively manage their information assets. Through our strategic information governance services, we empower clients to improve data security and compliance, reduce information related costs and streamline operations.

Specialising in Information Governance Australia Wide

At Miktysh, we partner with clients to develop effective information governance strategies that take a top-down approach to managing all aspects of information in an organisation. Working with the organisation, we identify critical business objectives and key challenges, and deliver practical information governance strategies to meet those goals.

Each consulting project and client we work with has unique requirements. In response, we have developed a flexible methodology that allows clients to design their bespoke service offering. Our strategic information governance services enable organisations to effectively managing the lifecycle of information, ensuring the value of information is maximised whilst risks are minimised. We offer development and/or review of;

  • Information governance strategy and policy
  • Information governance framework, standards and processes
  • Information security
  • Data privacy
  • Information and data related risk management plans
  • Compliance to regulatory requirements including recordkeeping
  • Approach to managing structured vs. non-structured data
  • Enterprise search and accessibility of information
  • eDRM system security

Key Information Governance Objectives & Outcomes

Information Related Risk & Compliance

  • Strategic approach information governance
  • Clearly communicate accountability and organisational expectations
  • Meet regulatory and legislative requirements
  • Ensure data privacy and information security
  • Protect information assets from unauthorised access
  • Reduce the risk of data breaches and lost information
  • Enable efficient responses to FOI requests
  • Identify and fix non-compliant practices and processes
  • Assess security and suitability of information systems

Efficiency & Cost Savings

  • Use organisational information to inform and empower business decisions
  • Identify and remedy ineffective processes, systems or practices
  • Improve findability and accessibility of information
  • Assess the performance of information and records management systems
  • Identify redundant, trivial or obsolete (ROT) information
  • Reduce physical and digital storage requirements
  • Identify gaps and shortfalls to prioritise allocation of resources and effort
  • Review and implementation of metadata, taxonomies, retention and disposal schedules or business classification schemes

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