HP ControlPoint

AvePoint Cloud Governance for Office 365

An Office 365 information governance tool that enables organisations to automate provisioning and lifecycle management of information assets. Take control of your information with AvePoint Cloud Governance.

Governance & Security for Office 365.

Deeper Insights

Information Lifecycle Control

 Ensure Office 365 content is required and current. Reduce risk, improve search and usability of information.

Mitigate Risk

Empower Users

Enable self-service with control. Grant Office 365 users access to what they need, based on their role and location.

Improve Efficiencies

Secure Collaboration

Provision collaboration spaces with preset policies for classification, ownership, metadata, and access.

Automate Retention

Justify I.T. Investment

Reporting and auditing lets management review Office 365 usage and provides ROI statistics for resource allocation.

Mitigate Risk

Always Current, Zero Footprint

Hosted on Microsoft Azure, AvePoint Cloud governance is a SaaS application meaning it’s zero footprint and will always be up to date.

Improve Efficiencies

Free Up I.T. Capacity

Provides the flexibility to delegate approvals to business owners to free up time IT would previously spend fulfilling requests.

Automate Retention

Seamless Integration

AvePoint Cloud Governance integrates natively with Office 365 so users are redirected to your service automatically.

Deeper Insights

Information Management

Periodically recertify ownership and classification to maintain accountability and relevance. 

Easily Enforce Office 365 Policies with AvePoint Cloud Governance.

Implement an extensible and scalable governance framework for your IT operations, ensuring your information governance policies are operational and optimised.

  • Flexible approval levels (zero to three) to meet organisational requirements
  • Ongoing recertification to keep policies in place
  • Content owners or lack of activity can trigger lifecycle actions to help maintain up to date repositories
  • GroupHub allows for central access and management of Groups and memberships
  • Monitor and control configuration settings, membership and ownership, and automate actions for unauthorised changes
  • Make policies transparent by showing associated site information like contact, lease, service level indicators and available services on homepages¬†
  • Full auditing and reporting of activities

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