Information Governance Audit

In-depth review of your organisation’s information management strategy. Our information governance audit drives legislative compliance, information security, significant cost savings and operational efficiency.

An effective information governance strategy provides overarching direction and guidance, with clear, supporting policies and procedures that enable an organisation to meet its legal and statutory obligations, and all other relevant codes of practice.

With information governance audits, there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. Our strategic reviews are tailored to each organisation’s needs, and will vary greatly depending on key organisational objectives and the maturity of an organisation’s information governance strategy.

Our experienced consultants have conducted audits, and developed information governance and information management strategies for numerous organisations in local, state and federal government, as well as clients within the education, resource, construction, logistics and transportation sectors.

As part of our information governance audit, we assess your organisation’s;

  • Information architecture and information governance framework
  • Governance framework, policies and procedures
  • Information security
  • Records management strategy
  • Compliance to regulatory and legislative requirements including a gap analysis
  • Social media recordkeeping processes
  • Metadata standards and business classification schemes
  • Processes for freedom of information (FOI) requests
  • Identification of areas of risk and risk mitigation strategies
  • Archiving and disposal processes alongside retention and disposal schedules
  • Electronic document and records management system (eDRMS) performance and other related technology in use such as Office 365 and SharePoint

Information Governance Audit — Key Objectives & Outcomes

Risk & Compliance

  • Understand regulatory and legislative requirements and assess whether they are being met
  • Identify and assign accountability
  • Assess data privacy and information security
  • Protect information from unauthorised access
  • Reduce the risk of data breaches and lost information
  • Support and enable efficient responses to FOI requests

Efficiency & Cost Savings

  • Inform and empower smarter business decisions
  • Identify and remedy ineffective or non-compliant processes
  • Improve findability and accessibility of information
  • Assess the performance of information and records management systems
  • Identify redundant, trivial or obsolete (ROT) information
  • Reduce physical and digital storage requirements
  • Identify gaps and weaknesses to prioritise allocation of resources and effort

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