EzeScan Document Manager

Scan, email and capture invoice data within one, easy to use application. The PC or browser-based solution integrates seamlessly with Micro Focus Content Manager and RecordPoint for an end-to-end solution.

Batch Scan

Batch Scan

Quickly and easily scan large batches of documents.


Simplify and reduce data entry through automation features.


Eliminate data entry through automatic document data capture.


Enable seamless data flow between business applications.

Scan, Email and Invoice Capturing Tool for Browsers

EzeScan WebApps is a powerful tool used in conjunction with EzeScan Server and EzeScan Pro to support hardcopy document and electronic file capture, conversion, processing and routing directly to network locations or supported line-of-business applications. It is an HTML5 web application that makes the interface responsive for optimal viewing on any browser, PC, Mac and mobile device.

Optional Modules


Enables statistical auditing on scanning activities for use in evaluating business efficiency.


Supports barcode scanning on documents to improve automation.


Uses intelligent keyword searching to find data within varying form layouts.


Intelligent Character Recognition enables reading of handwritten forms.


Provides indexing using metadata tags (i.e. document title, date etc.)


Email Record Capture enables emails to be documented as records automatically.

Line Items

Uses intelligent grid row searching to find data within various grid column layouts.


Magnetic Ink Character Recognition reads lines at the bottom of cheques (bank info etc.)


Allows documents to be uploaded to an eDRMS, database, FTP server or email via SMTP.


Optical Mark Recognition reads marks made in a circle or box (i.e. surveys or questionnaires).


Ability to save scanned documents into a web based retrieval system.


Intelligent Document Recognition sorts forms by template prior to workflow processing.


Converts EzeScan Professional into a touchscreen kiosk.


Image and Scanner Interface Specification adds ISIS scanner support.

EzeScan Features

Barcode Coversheet Generator

Barcode Coversheet Generator

Generates a barcode coversheet with metadata to support document scanning from your multi-function device into the desired location and file format.
File Approval Assistant

File Approval Assistant

Provides a web folder/file based approval processing interface for documents, such as invoices, requiring a simple yes or no approval, including the ability to add comments or other metadata.
Digital Forms Assistant

Digital Forms Assistant

Easily build and manage forms on a web page (such as an application or survey). Users can add or remove fields and objects to the page to customise the form (i.e. tick boxes, lookups, grids or images).
File Upload Assistant

File Upload Assistant

Enables users to select and upload any file type with metadata from any device, and allows Record Managers to configure unique look-up databases or utilise existing databases.
Remote Indexing Assistant

Remote Indexing Assistant

Can be used as a decentralised scanning solution for groups using multi-functional devices, or as a remote indexing tool to provide a webform-based interface.
Web Scanning Assistant

Web Scanning Assistant

Works with Kodak i1150WN/i1190WN scanners for web-based scanning and index capturing, and does not require scanner drivers to be loaded onto the device.

EzeScan services.

We understand that EzeScan is one component to your records and information management strategy and therefore offer additional services to support your organisation including;

  • Implementation
  • Configuration and optimisation
  • EzeScan user training
  • Integration with Content Manager, RecordPoint, SharePoint, scanning hardware and software
  • Records management compliance reviews and eDRMS health checks
  • Records management as a service
  • Information and records management strategy
  • Recruitment of information management professionals


EzeScan Pro Overview


EzeScan Server Overview


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Miktysh Records Management Award BRW - Micro Focus Content Manager Support
Miktysh Records Management Award - HP TRIM Support
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Information Management Award
Telstra Business Award for Records Management Strategy
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Technology Award for Records Management Brisbane