Seamlessly connect Outlook email to SharePoint to improve and increase collaboration, productivity and records management.

Capture All Records

Capture All Records

Capture records automatically from Outlook, network drives and documents created in Word, Excel and PowerPoint.  Reduce compliance risk through better email management.

Automatic Record Keeping

Automatic Recordkeeping

Transfer email attributes to SharePoint columns for a complete record of an email message, and classify the Outlook content using terms, taxonomy and SharePoint metadata.

Integrated Access

Integrate SharePoint, Office 365 and Microsoft Outlook for streamlined access to data. When in Outlook users can search and insert items from SharePoint.

Functionality overview.

OnePlaceMail for SharePoint Online is both an Outlook Add-in and an Office 365 app that connects Microsoft Outlook with SharePoint from varying mobile devices and platforms.

  • Access content quickly in one place
  • Compatible with macOS, Windows, OWA, Android, iOS iPhone and iPad

Access SharePoint within Outlook

End-user productivity is increased through efficient access to SharePoint content with minimal change to Outlook’s user experience.

  • Preview and search emails and documents stored in SharePoint and Office 365 within Microsoft Outlook.
  • Access SharePoint public and private views for the selected location with full access to group, sort and filter settings.
  • Access content quickly with actions such as Insert as Link, Insert as attachment.

Seamless integration.

OnePlaceMail provides a seamless, intuitive and familiar filing experience for users when saving emails from Outlook to SharePoint.

  • Drag and drop emails from Outlook to SharePoint with email attributes (sender, subject, etc.) captured and promoted to SharePoint columns automatically.
  • Toggle to the full SharePoint web browser experience from Outlook.
  • Send and save email attachments to SharePoint and capture email attributes automatically. Optionally complete additional SharePoint metadata (columns) without leaving Outlook.
  • Streamline completion of additional SharePoint / Office 365 metadata. Select from multiple content types, support for default values and easy to use type-ahead capabilities.
  • Offers capabilities such as creating new lookup items, enterprise keywords and new terms for open term-sets when using Managed Metadata columns.
  • Quickly find and organise SharePoint files and folders using the navigation tree and filter and search functions.

OnePlaceMail and related services.

Our team of experienced business consultants offer a wide range of services to support the roll-out of OnePlaceMail in your organisation including;

  • Implementation and configuration
  • OnePlaceMail user training
  • Integration with SharePoint
  • Records and information management strategy
  • RecordPoint, SharePoint and Content Manager health checks

OnePlaceMail screenshots.

Browse SharePoint from Microsoft Outlook
Email and document preview (Outlook style experience) 

Save attachments to SharePoint
Outlook to SharePoint integration

Email as links / email as attachments
Create lookup items and taxonomy terms when saving

Filter and search for SharePoint locations
New folders / new document sets

New folders / new document sets
Easily search SharePoint from within Outlook

Access item properties from Outlook
SharePoint views and metadata in Microsoft Outlook

Access item properties from Outlook
Complete additional column metadata

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