Content Manager / TRIM SharePoint Integration

A Micro Focus Content Manager / HP TRIM SharePoint integration plugin that unifies and links multiple repositories including network drives, email and SharePoint.

Key Benefits of Our Micro Focus Content Manager / HP TRIM SharePoint Integration Tool

  • Reduce cost and effort for capturing, accessing, retaining, disposing and storing
  • Capture 100% of corporate information
  • Achieve greater visibility of information
  • Users can access the application (HP TRIM / HPE RM, network drive, SharePoint) they wish to use for capturing their corporate information
  • No deployment required (zero-footprint)
  • Access, view and edit corporate information from multiple sources
  • Open and save records from native applications
  • Consistent approach to the way information is structured
  • Reduce cost for training, information retrieval processes and compliance
  • Processes are business as usual for the User
  • Work in the network drive and have recordkeeping happen in the background
  • Make SharePoint and network drives compliant utilising your eDRMS without additional add-Ins or applications.

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Services Related to Our HP TRIM SharePoint Integration Tool.

Miktysh’s award winning team of business consultants deliver strategic solutions that enable effective management of records, information and enterprise content. Our robust service offering includes;

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Miktysh Records Management Award - HP TRIM Support
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Information Management Award
Telstra Business Award for Records Management Strategy
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Technology Award for Records Management Brisbane