eDRMS Support Services

Ongoing support packages for clients with RecordPoint or HPE Content Manager (formerly HPE Trim) eDRM systems. Numerous options available to meet varying needs.

RecordPoint and HPE Content Manager (HPE Records Manager / Trim) Support.

Our support services align clients with our team of experts to provide technical advice and support for electronic document and records management systems (eDRMS) and on organisational information and recordkeeping processes. We offer a variety of service options to meet operational and budgetary requirements, from responsive support for when the need arises to a proactive managed service or fully outsourced support for eDRMS management and Records management practices.

Responsive Block Support Hours

Block support hours are for clients who want the ability to call on support when they need it and has no restrictions on use. Clients enjoy access to our dedicated support portal and enhanced response time service level agreement.

With unlimited flexibility on the use of support time, clients are able to undertake project activities with their hours or call on our specialist support team, at any time during business hours, to seek advice on an issue or concern with either their records and information management process or configuration query regarding their eDRMS environment. 

eDRMS Managed Service

The eDRMS Managed Service program takes away all the challenges related to running an effective and efficient eDRMS and is ideal for organisations who do not have the time or in-depth technical knowledge to undertake the many tasks required to maintain and optimise an eDRMS.

With this service, our team of eRDMS and records management professionals proactively manages an eDRMS environment to ensure optimal performance. This includes;

  • Unlimited technical support
  • Unlimited records management advice
  • Software version upgrades
  • Software patches
  • Word indexing
  • System and policy health checks

And much more. For a full list of services please enquire below.

Records Management as a Service

Miktysh’s Records Management as a Service (RMaaS) program provides a fully managed outsourced records management solution. Our team of experts will engage with key stakeholders to understand organisational requirements and will then design a program to proactively manage the records management processes to meet relevant records and information governance standards.

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