Strategic Records Management Services


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  • Records management strategy
  • Social media records management

Records Management Strategic Services

Strategic Records Management — Key Objectives


Governance & Compliance

  • Support efficient responses to FOI requests
  • Comply with legislative and regulatory requirements
  • Protect and secure records and information
  • Reduce the risk of lost information
  • Prepare for the Digital Continuity 2020 Policy
  • Preserve records throughout their lifecycle


  • Leverage new or existing technology to its full potential
  • Integrate eDRMS with other line of business applications
  • Facilitate a move to cloud technologies
  • Enable more efficient business practices
  • Promote digitisation of work processes
  • Control the quantity and quality of records

Cost Savings

  • Reduce eDRM system costs
  • Identify redundant processes and information
  • Reduce physical and digital storage requirements
  • Inform and empower smarter business decisions
  • Reduce manual tasks

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