RecordPoint Training
Focused System Administrator

1 Day

Covering the administrator functionality of RecordPoint for SharePoint, Records 365 or vNext.

This RecordPoint training course equips participants with the understanding required to plan, design and work with a system to meet their organisational needs.

This session covers setting up the term store, creating rules and outcomes, explaining aggregations, managing classification, retention and disposal schedules, resentencing items and dealing with unclassified records.

  • Understanding Aggregations
  • Term Store
  • Rules, Outcomes and Patterns
  • Working with SharePoint Content
  • Records Search and Browsing
  • Finalising records
  • How to manage legal holds
  • Resentencing documents
  • Managing unclassified records
  • How to manage physical records
  • Document disposal
  • Restoring records

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Miktysh Records Management Award BRW - Micro Focus Content Manager Support
Miktysh Records Management Award - HP TRIM Support
Miktysh Records Management Award Deloitte
Information Management Award
Telstra Business Award for Records Management Strategy
Award Records Management Strategy - best office 365 apps
Award Records Management Services Australia
Technology Award for Records Management Brisbane
Technology Award for Records Management Brisbane