RecordPoint On-Premises
Office 365 & SharePoint Document Management Solution

Streamline records management, standardise technology, improve compliance and information security with RecordPoint’s on-premises Office 365 & SharePoint document management solution.

One platform to unify content sources.

  • Seamless integration with Microsoft environments
  • Scalable information management solution
  • Built to meet global and local compliance standards
  • Centralised dashboard with two views for end users and record managers
  • Automated rules to reduce manual tasks

RecordPoint’s SharePoint document management solutions supports timely and hassle-free records management compliance, burdensome manual processes or interference with business users’ daily tasks. Available for on-premises installations with a suite of connectors to extend capabilities into the cloud and more. RecordPoint offers rules-based records management solution that solves the complexity of records management for SharePoint and Office 365.

The only Office 365 & SharePoint document management solution you need.

Centralised Dashboard

Monitor and assess adherence to policy objectives and compliance rules and quickly analyse information jurisdiction, repository, and record type.


RecordPoint supports the transfer of records to a standard specific format. Currently, the supported format is based on the VERS specification.


Extend SharePoint’s security model and built-in audit tracking by adding additional features to maintain the integrity, security and audit trail of records.

Physical Records

Manage physical, electronic and hybrid records in one interface. Tracking physical records is easy with bar-code scanning and request management function. Records and content types are fully customisable.

Classification/File Plans

Plans can be imported from tools such Excel and  setup structure is independent of SharePoint taxonomy. Disposal schedules can be updated centrally for records in SharePoint and/or Office 365.


Manage SharePoint and Office 365 content related to eDiscoverys in one interface. In-Place eDiscovery in hybrid environments enables simultaneous searching of on-premises and cloud-based records.

Rules Engine

Rules evaluate content created in SharePoint to identify how to classify, retain and treat that content. Rules tie together one or more patterns with a specific outcome, which are used to provide levels of specificity required to identify and group content.

Auditing and Disposal

Display auditing information collected from SharePoint to analyse whether business rules are being followed and to ensure that unauthorised activity is identified and traced. Dispose of records and files that have reached the end of their retention.

Open Standards – JSON/REST

RecordPoint has an open API, meaning much of the engine functionality is available through well-known standards. The API can be used to perform migrations, reporting, or building custom RecordPoint applications and connectors.

Extend RecordPoint on-premises capabilities.

Apply records management policies directly from SharePoint to documents and records in Office 365 and OneDrive cloud.
Manage records in file shares and network drives. Apply rules to items in-place or moved to the RecordPoint archive.
Within RecordPoint capture, manage and archive content created in Facebook, Twitter and Yammer for extended recordkeeping.
SharePoint Document Management Solution

RecordPoint and related services.

Having specialised in records and information management since 2008, Miktysh has a thorough understanding of Australian recordkeeping requirements for government agencies and regulated industries. Our solutions include;


Prefer Cloud-Based?

RecordPoint also offers a cloud-based version of their Office 365 & SharePoint document management solution that connects even more repositories and content sources.


Unsure whether you require on-premises or cloud?

Our team would be happy to assist. Just contact us to discuss your requirements and schedule an obligation free RecordPoint demo.

Security that meets the test.

  • All traffic between RecordPoint and Office 365 is encrypted
  • RecordPoint meets these international and Australian standards; ISO 16175, ISO 15489, IS40, VERS, ANSI, Sarb0x, MoReq2010, HIPAA, NARA, 21 CFR 11, DoD 5015.2, FIPS
  • Microsoft Azure cloud offering uses data centres certified to the highest standards to ensure all data remains secure
  • Choose from global locations to co-locate records in the same data centre as Office 365 files

RecordPoint screenshots.

RecordPoint On-Premises Power BI Screenshot
Power BI Integration for Data Visualisation
RecordPoint On-Premises Screenshot - Home page
RecordPoint On-Premises Home Page Screenshot
RecordPoint On-Premises Version History Screenshot
Snapshot of Version History
RecordPoint On-Premises Validate Rule Screenshot
Validating Rules in RecordPoint Records 365
RecordPoint On-Premises Search Screenshot
Record Content Search
RecordPoint On-Premises Rules Set-up
Rules Set up in RecordPoint On-Premises
RecordPoint On-Premises Screenshot - Barcode Scanning
Barcode Scanning


RecordsPoint Overview


8 Reasons to Use RecordPoint


Enhancing Records Management in SharePoint
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