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Structured Data Manager

Automatic, intelligent archiving to help organisations safely preserve and remove inactive structured data from application databases, while preserving data integrity, data privacy and access.

Structured Data Manager’s key benefits.

Manage Sensitive Data

Manage Sensitive Data

Automatically identify sensitive information across repositories and delete according to retention schedules.

Streamlined Access

Streamlined Access

Simultaneously access production and archived data using combined reporting and improved data accessibility with conceptual search.

Improve Data Operations

Improve Data Operations

Expedite eDRM system backup performance and improve disaster recovery capabilities.

Lower Operating Costs

Lower Operating Costs

Reduce data footprint and storage costs on hardware, maintenance and administration.

Protect Sensitive Data

Protect Sensitive Data

Mask sensitive organisational information or apply intelligent format preserving encryption.

Scale To Big Data

Scale To Big Data

Make sense of data with a flexible portfolio based on open-source standards and backed by comprehensive integrations.

Built-in tools for robust functionality.

Structured Data Manager offers a range of components to facilitate design, deployment, and on-going management of archiving processes;

Visual Designer

Provides a visual interface to model data and create business-aligned data migration rules with ease, and extends archiving support to third-party and custom applications.

Archive Access

Provides a full range of access capabilities to meet operational requirements, regulatory compliance, and legal discovery. Simplified access via a web-based console does not require third-party tools.

Job Engine

Automates application archiving tasks with built-in recovery and restart.

Management Console

Provides system configuration, job monitoring, job launching, and complete audit trail capabilities. Whether you are running applications on Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, or open standards JDBC environments, Structured Data Manager offers the rich set of application archiving capabilities required to control and manage database growth.d custom applications.

Data Movement

Ensures data relocation is performed to meet volume requirements while retaining application integrity.

Structured Data Discovery

A comprehensive information management solution.

Structured Data Manager provides a holistic approach to information management with the following built-in integrations.

  • Micro Focus Content Manager – Captures, manages, secures and disposes of information according to corporate and compliance policies
  • Micro Focus Secure Data – Protects sensitive data as it moves across the IT ecosystem without gaps in security
  • Micro Focus Vertica – Provides high performance analytics for more thorough business insights
  • Amazon S3 – Offers storage to lower costs and increase return on investment

Structured Data Manager Screenshots.

Review the status of components and tasks on the Health Check page.
Create and view sensitive data reports run against selected databases.
Use or create pre-configured masking options for a data-centric approach to protecting sensitive information.
Model how data will be mapped from the source systems in the Designer.
The Designer enables you to develop, test and deploy the archiving solution. Simple drag and drop options allow you to develop the flow of the data.

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Now that Structured Data Manager has given you control of your structured information, identify, search and control your unstructured information with Micro Focus ControlPoint.

• Protect and manage sensitive information across repositories

• Improve accessibility of archived data

• Expedite eDRM system backup and improve disaster recovery capabilities

• Reduce your information footprint and storage costs


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Structured Data Manager Overview


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