RecordPoint vNext eDRMS Software

A records and information management solution that helps businesses manage their regulatory, legal and information governance requirements in relation to electronic and physical records.

Consolidate content sources.

One interface for content platforms.

Unlike traditional records management systems Records365 vNext ties together a variety of content sources, both inside and outside the enterprise to make that information available for management as records. It achieves this without changing or hampering methods of collaboration or information use.

The solution is extendable, with a well-known framework that supports creation of custom connectors of various types.

RecordPoint vNext capabilities.

Records as a Service

The only cloud-first, SaaS records management system designed to unify and control all content sources.

Cost Effective and Scalable

Eliminate software licensing with platform agnostic data management, delivering a cost-effective and scalable solution.

Global Availability

Available for global application and supported by our team of knowledgeable consultants and support representatives.

Platform Agnostic

Unlock organisational data from separate legacy systems, to achieve compliant records management.

Data From Any Source

Bring together organisational content under one roof for centralised management, regardless of the source.

Turnkey Compliance

Take the lead on compliance and leverage a rules-based engine to manage and automate records’ lifecycle.

Software architecture.

Highly Extendable

Records365 vNext is a multi-tenant records-as-a-service solution that is hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud Stack. Leveraging the built-in connector framework, it can be extended to connect with any content source.

Azure Authentication

RecordPoint vNext utilises Office365’s Azure Active Directory (AD), rather than storing user and password information, allowing for centralised management of users and applications within Azure AD.

Azure Access Levels

There are three pre-defined roles/permission levels that can be assigned through Azure Active Directory; Application Administrator, Records Manager, and Records Visitor.

Secure Data Transfer

All API endpoints that are part of the Records365 vNext platform, connector framework is accessible through https only and data is securely transferred under a SSL connection.

Powerful Search Capabilities

The vNext search engine is schema-less to allow metadata from disparate sources to be consistently indexed and searched immediately after content is uploaded. Search functionalities are pluggable components that support different providers depending on requirements.

Scalable Storage

Records365 vNext storage is as a pluggable component that supports varying storage technologies and requirements, to safely and securely store organisational data.

Extend core capabilities.

Apply records management policies directly from SharePoint to documents and records in Office 365 and OneDrive cloud.

Manage records in file shares and network drives. Apply rules to items in-place or moved to the RecordPoint archive.

Within RecordPoint capture, manage and archive content created in Facebook, Twitter and Yammer for extended recordkeeping.

Manage emails as records directly on the exchange server. Apply rules to manage the archiving, retention and disposal without manual declaration.

Link to organisational Box accounts to manage files and apply rules as if it was on a local file share.

Key benefits of vNext.

  • Streamline business processes with faster access and retrieval of organisational information
  • Lower compliance costs and enhance the ability to provide accurate, timely and transparent responses to legislative, regulatory and legal requirements
  • Mitigate business and operational risk and improve business continuity
  • Enable effective and compliant records management practices
  • Improve decision making through instantaneous access to the required information

Security that measures up.

  • All traffic between Records365 and Office 365 is encrypted
  • RecordPoint365 meets these international and Australian standards; ISO 16175, ISO 15489, IS40, VERS, ANSI, Sarb0x, MoReq2010, HIPAA, NARA, 21 CFR 11, DoD 5015.2, FIPS
  • Cloud offering built on Microsoft Azure which uses data centres certified to the highest standards to ensure data remains secure
  • Choose from global locations to co-locate records in the same data centre as Office 365 files


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