Objective Perform Workflow Software

An intuitive tool to digitise and automate business processes such as HR on/off boarding, expense and invoice management, freedom of information requests, development applications and more. Contact us for more information about Objective Perform workflow software.

Objective workflow software offers transparency, accountability and governance.

eDRMS agnostic

eDRMS agnostic

Adds value to and integrates seamlessly with information and records management systems such as SharePoint and Content Manager.

Designed for all users

Designed for all users

Simple, highly intuitive user interface promotes high levels of adoption, user satisfaction and efficiency across organisational levels.

Improve business processes

Improve business processes

Proactively monitor and analyse business processes through a graphical dashboard report, to ensure optimisation of workflows.

Cloud, premises or hybrid

Ready to be adopted as a subscription cloud enabled solution, on premise or managed in a private cloud network.

Intuitive and easy to use workflow software

Quickly digitising business processes with simple functionality such as drag and drop. Make short work of more in-depth processes that contain standardised actions by nesting them directing within workflows to ensure consistency throughout processes.

Empower users and remove roadblocks

Enables managers to amend business processes themselves rather than relying on and waiting for IT services. Provide flexibility at decision paths by allowing stakeholders to alter workflows where necessary to ensure the most appropriate outcomes.

Support flexible working arrangements

Provide employees with flexibility and ensure processes aren’t held up by provisioning an application that’s available in any environment, from desktop within an office to a mobile device in the field.

Enables exception management

Provide options for cases where exceptions are necessary to keep the process on track, whilst being confident that everything is monitored, controlled and audited.

Improve business process compliance

Reduce the likelihood of a business process being followed incorrectly or an inadequate level of approval given.

Greater transparency and governance

Monitor, capture, report and audit aspects of workflows and business processes. Equip organisational stakeholders with visibility of trends and pressure points that can be turned into pro-active change programs, and benchmark their progression.

Reduce paper and printing costs

Digitisation of business approvals diminishes the need to print physical documents to be signed then scanned for approval.

Transform industry specific processes.

Extend the approval process with access to supporting resource material via an intuitive user interface that empowers stakeholders regardless of their digital device of choice.

Across Industries

HR on and offboarding
Automate and streamline induction, probation and employee termination processes.

Expense management
Reduce the administration time associated with claims by triggering off a workflow from invoice and expense claims.

AP/AR Invoice processing
Automatically pick up and route digitally captured invoices onto relevant groups or individuals for processing

Complaints management
Direct complaints to the appropriate stakeholder and allow them to reference any appropriate precedence and supporting documentation.

Public Sector

Deliver transparency and demonstrate accountability with effective and efficient Ministerial communications.

Deliver timely, consistent and approved responses to cross-agency correspondence requests, with full accountability.


Local Government

Increase efficiency, improve quality and transparency of correspondence, development applications, freedom of information requests and many other common government processes.

Transform asset management to improve accuracy and resource allocation.

Anywhere access to workflows.

Provide flexibility and accessibility via any digital device.

Objective Perform and related services.

Operating since 2008, Miktysh has a deep understanding of Australian record and information management requirements for government agencies and regulated industries. We understand that workflows are just one component to your records and information management strategy and therefore offer additional services to support your organisation including;

  • Records management as a service
  • Information and records management strategy
  • Recruitment of information management professionals
  • SharePoint design and Office 365 configuration

Used across Australia and worldwide.

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Miktysh Records Management Award BRW - Micro Focus Content Manager Support
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Technology Award for Records Management Brisbane