Objective Connect

Objective Connect Collaboration Software

Objective Connect collaboration software provides a secure workspace for organisations with government grade security and full audit trail.

Digital collaboration

Digital collaboration

Use less paper, email, thumb drives, DVDs and shadow IT. Digitally collaborate on documents, capture conversations and control tasks.
Seamless integration

Seamless integration

Integrate with organisational information and records management systems such as SharePoint and Content Manager.
Simple, easy to use

Simple, easy to use

Simple drag/drop/click functionality negates the need for costly training. A workspace can be opened or closed in minutes by any user.
Low cost collaboration

Low cost collaboration

Only pay for the amount of content shared – the number of internal and external users are free and unlimited. Three price tiers available.

Objective Connect offers government grade security for your collaboration space.

  • Every interaction within the secure workspace is logged into an audit trail
  • All Objective Connect content is encrypted at rest and in transit (SSL)
  • Certified to ISO27001 and ISO 9001 standards
  • In Australia, Objective Connect has been iRAP assessed and meets the requirements for storing information up to and including protected level
  • Utilises Microsoft Azure cloud platform, which is locally hosted to ensure data sovereignty is maintained
  • Before a document is shared externally the permission and lifecycle information within the EDRMS is always checked, ensuring restricted information never leaves your organisation
  • Users’ information and behaviour can be reported on down to individually shared files
  • Each time a document is accessed or updated, the audit trail in your Electronic Document Management Record Systems (EDRMS) is also updated
  • Virus protection prevents tramission of infected documents

Objective Connect is more than just file sharing.

Collaborate on documents

Collaborate on documents

Simply drag and drop documents into Objective Connect and they’ll be available for anyone invited to the secure workspace.
Capture conversations

Capture conversations

Conduct conversations and instantly alert a participant by mentioning their name. Direct attention to specific documents and actions.
Control tasks

Control tasks

Create tasks to acknowledge, review and approve decisions. Inbuilt audit trail delivers complete transparency including who did what and when.

Collaboration software for when you're on the go.

Objective Connect app now available for iPhone and iPad from the App Store.


Digital collaboration and information governance

Objective Connect related services.

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