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Protect, secure and govern your organisation’s information across Microsoft 365 applications. Improve enterprise search, collaboration and the end user experience, prevent data loss, and apply compliant retention and disposal policies. Enquire about our end-to-end Microsoft 365 consulting services.

Information and Records Management for Microsoft 365

We implement solutions for organisations to compliantly capture and manage their Microsoft 365 content across SharePoint, OneDrive, Exchange and Microsoft Teams. We do this using a transparent approach to records management, meaning your end-users can work uninterrupted in Microsoft 365 while the content they create is captured invisibly in the background. As part of our Microsoft 365 consulting services we utilise three different solutions to accomplish this;


  1. Microsoft 365 Compliance Center. Using Microsoft’s built-in records management tool, you can manage your retention and disposal schedules, set up data loss prevention (DLP) policies, monitor and regulate your communications and much more.
  2. RecordPoint is an advanced records management system that allows you to manage your content in-place across your different Microsoft repositories i.e. SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams and Exchange.
  3. Content Manager comes with a built-in integration that when properly configured can allow you to compliantly capture your SharePoint and OneDrive content without interrupting your end-users. You can read a case-study of an implementation we did for a major Australian port authority.



Microsoft 365 Information Architecture


Our Microsoft 365 Consulting Services also involve developing an information architecture framework for an organisation’s Microsoft environments such as SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.

Information architecture refers to the structural design of shared information environments, including methods of organising and labelling content and ways of bringing principles of designs and architecture to the digital landscape.

When working with agencies to develop their information architecture we usually start with a discovery where we analyse important information about your current IT systems, retention and disposal authorities, taxonomies and classification, information management policies and more.

The discoveries made in this phase will be used to develop the guiding principles for the information architecture design. As the name denotes these guiding principles are followed when we design the final information architecture.

Microsoft 365 Governance


One of the advantages of Microsoft 365 is it gives users great flexibility in how they collaborate, communicate and organise their information. However, on the flip side this creates a governance challenge for organisations that need to effectively manage and regulate the Microsoft 365 services that they provision.

As part of our Microsoft 365 consulting services we help organisations overcome these challenges by configuring built-in capabilities in the Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance Centers. This includes controlling user permissions and governance roles across Teams, SharePoint, Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams.

Our Microsoft 365 consultants also go above and beyond the built-in capabilities of Microsoft 365 by utilising AvePoint Cloud Governance to provide greater information controls for organisations. This includes maintaining control over the provisioning of new workspaces and high-level content lifecycle management for Sites, Teams and Groups.



Microsoft 365 Compliance Center

We help organisations implement and configure the Microsoft 365 Compliance Center to compliantly capture and manage their information across SharePoint, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams and Exchange.

Our Microsoft 365 consultants configure retention labels to classify information and automatically trigger retention policies based on those classifications. For security, sensitivity labels are configured to classify and trigger security settings to protect your information.

We also help organisations protect themselves against potential data breaches by utilising data loss prevention (DLP) policies, which can define what can and cannot be done with certain types of data across Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Microsoft Teams.

In addition, we utilise supervisioning policies to capture users’ communications across communication apps such as Microsoft Teams, Outlook and Yammer so that they can be examined by internal or external reviewers.

The are several other features that the Microsoft 365 Compliance Center has which we use to help organisations meet their compliance obligations. These include configuring search and eDiscovery so that Records Managers and end-users can search, identify and export information; utilising Office 365 alerts; file plan manager and reports.

Microsoft Teams Implementation, Adoption & Lifecycle Management


Is your organisation looking to roll out Microsoft Teams? Have you already deployed Teams but are struggling with adoption and not seeing a return on your investment?

Our Microsoft 365 consultants help organisations provision Teams and develop a strategy to drive end-user adoption by transforming workplace culture. We also help organisations keep their Teams content organised and compliant across its entire lifecycle from creation through to archival. We have implemented solutions for many Australian Government agencies to capture and manage their Teams content in their records management system to meet their retention and disposal requirements.

If you are looking to get a quick-start into how to effectively use Microsoft Teams to foster collaboration and facilitate remote working you can check out our 90-min quick-start Microsoft Teams training, which is delivered online.



Managing Email Records


Email records are still the most comment type of records for organisations and despite being around since the 1960s, most organisations still struggle to compliantly capture and manage their email records.

Our Microsoft 365 consultants utilise different tools and methods to manage email records for agencies. Firstly, InMailX is an email compliance and productivity tool that integrates directly with Content Manager, Outlook and SharePoint to make it easy for users to effectively manage, record and file emails and attachments. OnePlaceMail is another tool that efficiently connects Outlook with SharePoint to increase productivity and compliance.

For organisations using RecordPoint to manage their records we utilise its Exchange connector to capture your emails as records directly from Exchange and automatically apply rules for retention and disposal. Alternatively, for organisations who prefer to use Microsoft’s built-in tools for managing records, we utilise the Compliance Center to manage email records in Exchange.

Business Process Automation


Once you have been able to properly secure and govern your Microsoft 365 content, the next logical step is to start looking at the flow of this information. With the Microsoft Power Platform – Power Bi, Power Automate and Power Apps, you can automate manual, time consuming processes in your organisation.

Specifically, as part of our Microsoft 365 consulting services we work with Power Automate to automate the flow of information through not just Microsoft 365 apps, but external applications as well. For organisations looking to connect external apps that are not part of the out-of-the-box connectors that Microsoft has created and maintains, our developers can code custom connectors.

Our Microsoft 365 consultants also use Power Bi to create powerful visual dashboards that provides organisations and Records Managers with important business analytics that can inform decision-making. Additionally, to collect data and information we use Microsoft Forms, which can form part of a Power Automate workflow to automatically map data to be displayed in a spreadsheet or SharePoint list.

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