Micro Focus / HPE Content Manager Training
Archiving, Retention and Records Disposal

1 Day

One-day intensive training on archiving, retention and record disposal in Content Manager (formerly HPE Trim/Record Manager).

This course provides broader knowledge of Content Manager archiving features and retention and disposal schedules. The course covers tasks carried out when applying a retention and disposal schedule, creating archiving procedures, search methods for records due for disposal, updating actions or reassigning actions, record relationships, creating folders, updating the title or classification on existing records, advanced searching techniques, applying retention schedules and reporting.

  • Retention and disposal schedules overview
  • Applying a retention and disposal schedule
  • Creating archiving procedures
  • Search methods for records due for disposal
  • Appraisal and sentencing concepts
  • Disposal suitability
  • Holds
  • Advanced disposal of records
  • Accession numbers
  • Recordkeeping concepts

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