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A governance based records management system now called Micro Focus Content Manager. Our vast experience with HP TRIM records management implementations dates back to 2008. Miktysh offers upgrades, configuration, integration, migration to new systems, records management advice and training.

HP TRIM records management features.

Retention Management

Records Retention Management

The automatic application of policy and multi-jurisdictional retention management lowers cost and complexity, and simplifies records management compliance.

Improve Efficiency

Improved Efficiency

Automatic records classification, folder creation, policy application and advanced disposal processing to reduce errors and manual tasks.

Improve Efficiency

Collaborate in the Cloud

Integrate with Office 365, OneDrive and SharePoint to manage critical records without negatively impacting collaboration or your cloud experience.


Government Grade Security

Extensive security controls improve privacy of content whilst simplifying the disposal of records that have expired or have no residual organisational value.

Geographical Data

Geo-location functionality and search integration with Google Maps to simplify records management by aligning content, contacts, geographical data and policy.

Zero-Footprint Web Client

Zero-Footprint Web Client

The functionally rich, web client reduces IT resources and cost to implement, while improving access to records and workflows in the field, across a range of devices.

Upgrade your old version of HP TRIM for new functionality.

Content Manager, the newest version of HP TRIM is loaded with functionality to support records management compliance.

  • Extensive audit logs that can be stored as a record
  • Ability to import and export data and content
  • Easy to use drag and drop functionality
  • Document edits are captured automatically
  • Optimise version control and overwriting settings
  • Apply blackouts to selected text to ensure privacy of sensitive information
  • The document viewer supports 1000+ different content formats
  • Email capture can be done automatically or manually
  • GPS locations can be linked with content
  • GPS based search can be used to find content within a specific range of the GPS locations



User-friendly functionality available anywhere, anytime.

  • Auto-classification leverages IDOL categories trained on business classification schemes or selected records
  • Digital signatures utilise Windows functionality and security parameters, also able to support DocuSign
  • Documents are encrypted during transmission and storage
  • Define document routing actions, timeframes and responsibilities
  • Create and customise workflow processes
  • Record and track email messages and conversation IDs as metadata in Outlook
  • Full documents or document links can be emailed from within Content Manager
  • The web interface auto-adjusts to any screen
  • Extensive search capability across most fields and functions
  • Optimal character recognition (OCR)

HP TRIM records management software offers seamless integration.

  • Content Manager integrates with;
    • SAP Archive Link
    • Microsoft SharePoint
    • Microsoft Office 365 (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project)
    • Micro Focus ControlPoint
    • External warehouses such as oneilBridge and Iron Mountain
    • SDK supported line-of-business applications
    • SDK supported high volume scanning systems
  • Scan tool supports low-volume, single-page scanning from a TWAIN-compatible scanner
  • Authentication of users against Google Apps uses the OAuth 2.0 authentication protocol to implement single sign-on (SSO) authentication
  • Simultaneous manage and use business classification schemes (BCS) and legal filing structures
  • Record, manage and search contacts and relationships


Screenshots of HP TRIM records management software, now called Content Manager.

A web interface enables users to view and complete actions and manage tasks easily.
The zero-footprint web client enables users to quickly preview documents in their browser.
The web client has a range of search capabilities; a quick search field for simple queries and an advanced query builder for more complex searches.
A fully customisable interface supports comprehensive access to any task from an inquiry to administrative roles.
View and report on a full range of items in datasets, including system configuration, document updates and audit events.

HP TRIM records management related services.

Miktysh has been an HP TRIM specialist since 2008. Our knowledgeable, experienced team of consultants are well versed in providing government and private clients with the following services;

Complementary products for HP TRIM records management.

Collaborate in the Cloud

Search, identify and control unstructured information across repositories with ControlPoint

Collaborate in the Cloud

Intelligently search and archive structured information with Structured Data Manager

Collaborate in the Cloud

Extend functionality and increase HP TRIM capabilities with plugin modules

Collaborate in the Cloud

Scan, capture, audit, search and analyse documents with EzeScan’s product suite

Collaborate in the Cloud

Unify SharePoint, Network Drives, HP TRIM and emails with ECMshare

Collaborate in the Cloud

Manage locations five times faster in HP TRIM with the Miktysh Location Tool

Collaborate in the Cloud

Automate workflows and streamline business processes with Objective Perform

Collaborate in the Cloud

Improve email productivity and connect HP TRIM to Outlook with inMailX or OnePlaceMail.


Content Manager Data Sheet


Content Manager Overview


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