Data Migration & Content Migration Services

Safely and securely migrate organisational content to the cloud, or between repositories such as SharePoint, Content Manager, Google Drive and more with our secure data and content migration services.

Expert Content & Data Migration Services.

Our data migration services assist clients when moving to the cloud, or from one repository or electronic document management system (eDRMS) to another. We are experienced providers who plan and execute every aspect of migrations to ensure content is moved safely, securely and accurately.

Improve Data Operations

Compliant & Secure

Xillio provides detailed migration audit trails and content integrity reporting. All content is securely transferred using HTTPS to protect your sensitive data.

Streamlined Access

Any Repository or Platform

We migrate organisational content to and from nearly any platform including Content Manager, SharePoint, Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive.

Manage Sensitive Data

Improved Information Architecture

During the data migration process, we work with you to improve the organisation and searchability of information, and its security.

Improve Data Operations

Records Management Compliance

Our extensive records management background enables us to assess compliance and identify gaps in recordkeeping processes.

Streamlined Access

Expert Data Migration Services

Miktysh has been migrating data for organisations since inception and has the expertise required to plan each step and think through every detail of your migration.

Manage Sensitive Data

End-to-End Content Migration Services

Our experienced team will handle every aspect of your content migration project, from planning to optimisation, so you can focus on your core business.

Improve Data Operations

Fixed Price & Outcomes

We provide clients with an upfront, predetermined cost with measurable objectives to ensure your migration is done on time and on budget, with no surprises.

Improve Data Operations

Platform Agnostic

Our intimate knowledge of multiple popular repositories allows us to provide clients with expert knowledge when selecting their records and information system.

Make Your Information Work Harder for You.

Often it takes an incident like not being able to find a crucial legal document or the ability to fulfil a Freedom of Information (FOI) request before organisations look to the structure of their information. At Miktysh, we put information architecture at the center of data migration and recommend taking the opportunity to proactively evaluate and improve your organisation’s records and information architecture. Our experienced team can assist improving, updating or cleaning up;

  • Retention and disposal schedules (RDS)
  • Site structure and folder hierarchy
  • Identification of ROT (redundant, obsolete and trivial) content

These improvements to your information management strategy along with an information governance audit can significantly improve productivity and searchability of content, reduce storage costs, improve information security, and ensure compliance to recordkeeping standards.

Our Methodology for Content & Data Migration Services.

Xillio data migration and content migration


During this data and content migration phase we develop a high-level understanding of how much information your organisation has, where it’s stored and how it’s currently organised. We determine the current approach to security and access, review and identify ROT (redundant, trivial and obsolete information), and assess the information architecture of your existing repositories. Finally we develop a comprehensive report that details any dependencies and constraints, and how this may impact the migration.

Xillio data migration and content migration

Data Clean-up and Enhancement

This phase is critical to improving the repository’s usability and driving search optimisation. It focuses on filtering out and removing ROT information and enhancing the remaining information’s metadata. Typically, when migrating from one system to another, metadata fields don’t match up one-for-one, the way metadata was captured differs, and sometimes no file metadata has been captured at all, making it more challenging to classify and move. We utilise varying techniques including optical character recognition (OCR) technology to enhance and enrich file metadata, which enables document contents to be read and thereby classified, to deliver the most efficient enterprise content management systems for our clients.

Xillio data migration and content migration

Proof of Concept

Like its name denotes, this stage is used to perform an initial test migration on a set of sample data within test environments, to prove the migration would be successful on the entire repository or dataset. Information acquired in the discovery session is used to help perform field mapping between the current repository and the target repository. ETL scripts are then configured and tested against a trial dataset in test systems. Specifically, these are extract scripts, transform scripts, load scripts and validation scripts. This stage can also help in developing a performance benchmark to be used to determine the time required to execute the production data and content migration.

Xillio data migration and content migration

Test Migrations

The next step in our data migration process is to execute subsequent test migrations that iterate through the ETL processes – analysis, extraction, transformation, loading and validation. These additional test migrations are performed to refine the migration until all errors and exceptions have either been eradicated or accepted. Additional performance benchmarks are recorded and any calibrations are implemented or recommended.

Xillio data migration and content migration

Production Migration

This phase takes into account what was learned in during the previous phases, in order to put forward a final migration approach, which will include the timeframe required for the migration. Once this has been determined and approved by relevant stakeholders, the data migration will be executed. Data validation best practices will be utilised afterwards to ensure migration success, along with agreed upon reports. We always issue a content integrity report to validate success.

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