Micro Focus / HPE Content Manager

System Administrator Refresher and Content Manager 9 Training

1 Day

Covers critical knowledge system administrators require to maintain a Content Manager system, and teaches new and changed functionality as part of version 9.

This one-day course reviews security, locations, record types and how to manage classification and retention and disposal schedules. The session refreshes the participants knowledge so they can plan, update and maintain the system to meet their organisational needs.
  • Security
  • Locations
  • Retention
  • Classification/Thesaurus
  • Record Types and Additional Fields
  • System and Audit options
  • Document Stores
  • Global Settings
  • Customising the Client
  • Desktop Add-Ins
  • Maintenance
*Note: To attend this course you must have either attended a System Administration course in the past, or spent at least 2 years administering a TRIM, Record Manager or Content Manager system.


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